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Expert treatment, a personalised approach and an end to your health worries: you’ll find it all at Paul Heenan Acupuncture in Sheffield. From small ailments such as fatigue to chronic conditions like IBS, insomnia and hormonal imbalances; acupuncture is a simple, affordable solution that doesn’t necessitate daily medication or surgery. An acupuncture therapist can advise on a course of treatment and have you feeling like yourself again in no time. Book your consultation now using my website or call +447702275725.


Acupuncture is an effective holistic treatment for a wide range of physical and psychological problems including headaches, migraines, muscular tension, fatigue, stress and insomnia. It involves the insertion of micro-needles in key places throughout the body to rebalance your energy. It’s a completely painless process and has been used effectively in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. I offer a range of acupuncture options: you can try a one-off session, or opt for longer pain relief with a well-rounded course of treatments.

MBAcC Training and clinical standards

By unblocking the life force which flows through the body, your health can be restored and improved dramatically. I am committed to maintaining the highest clinical standards at my acupuncture practice. I only work with single-use, sterile needles. I am thoroughly trained in the appropriate needling technique to minimise discomfort for you while still achieving the best results.


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Shaun Humber

19 November 2020

19 November


Paul has been instrumental in assisting my partner reduce her arthritis pain.

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